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Hematite - The Bleeding Cross

     Hematite is the only stone that bleeds when you cut it. How this works is the fact that when the silvery Gray color of hematite is cut, crushed pulverized, or ground up, the dust of the hematite is red!! The dust mixes with the coolant and it turns the “Coolant” (liquid) red. This liquid looks like blood. And it appears as though the stone is bleeding (See the videos)

     Hematite is a unique stone in the fact that the stone is silver/Gray and the dust is red. And, although the stone is silver/gray, if you slice the stone thin enough, the slices are “red and transparent.” This unique Quality about Hematite allows for one more little know fact. Hematite dust is where we get our “red” pigment for paint and dyes. The red powder is so strong and stable of a pigment that it is used as the base for red color (see Wikipedia)

     This began as simple research project. I am A GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduate and quite a rock hound. I have several friends who are Also” Master Jeweler Gemologists” and I even work with an awesome stone cutter. Once I found out that Hematite gets its name from the Greek word “Hemi” which we get the name “Hemoglobin” (Blood) because the fact when cutting the stone it appears to be bleeding. I did not know this nor did any of my friend I just spoke about. SO I researched more and EVERYWHERE I looked I found this was not only fact but it is stated all over the place, we just never paid attention to it. ….

     SO I had to see it for myself, it was not on YouTube, or anywhere else in video, SO, we tested it and found it to be true. Now we are filming it and will be putting it on YouTube. (Please share these videos with everyone you know, and ask them to do the same!) Once I discovered this information I couldn’t help but think that there was something there.

     So I kept praying about it. And about a week to 1 ½ weeks later When I was waking up in the morning, I could almost hear Jesus saying to me, “I am the rock!” I “thought” back to Him, I know you are! Then He again “spoke to me” and said: “I am the stone which was cast aside!” I again “Thought to Him” (remember we speak to God through our thoughts too.) “I know, why are you telling me this Father?” Then He said: “I bled for you!” I said: "Oh my gosh, I know what you are trying to tell me!”

     I immediately knew why I was given this information. I told my wife I am going to cut crosses out of hematite because the cross is what we use as our reminder of Christ’s Love for us!! And, how fitting is it that He was the stone which bled for us!! And now we are going to make crosses out of the only stone here which bleeds to represent him! This is how it began!!!!!!!!!

    Included Is:
  1. Included with every order . . . Click image for full sized viewThe Bleeding Cross (Stone cross).
  2. The Stainless steel Bale.
  3. The 24” Stainless steel Necklace (you cut to length with clippers).
  4. The Glass Cross filled with Blood (coolant and dust from cutting your cross).
  5. The reference card (which also has our prayer and the logo of P.U.S.H racing).
  6. Your “Lifetime warranty” in writing.
  7. And an additional Sticker of the Bleeding Cross Logo (to put where you want).

     All of our visitors are invited to come by: “Noblot Jewelers” in Lincolnton, NC, “Lawing Marble” in Iron Station, NC or Sound Trax Technologies in Mosheim, TN and visit with us, see the cross and the blood vials. You can pick up a Bleeding Cross and avoid the shipping fee! God Bless you all!

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