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     A Cross cut out of the only stone which bleeds! Hematite is a “Smokey Silver Gray” color gemstone, - BUT - It is the only gemstone that the Coolant; (the water used to protect the stone during cutting.) turns red, like blood, when you cut it, just like the stone is bleeding! See The Video | How it all Began

     Since Jesus is the stone “corner stone” (1 Peter 2:6... “Behold I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious corner stone….” - NASB). Who bled for us on the cross; how symbolic is it that we have the only stone which bleeds, made into a cross? Our symbol, of the Love Jesus had for us!

     Also, the bale (the necklace hangs on) is made out of “Stainless” Steel to representing Jesus’ stainless life.
The links of the stainless steel necklace, are in the shape of seeds, as a reminder that, we are to “spread seeds” of the Gospel for Christ.

     But, what if we could get you MORE; what about “The Blood.” we have included some of the “Blood” (from cutting the crosses out of the bleeding stone) and some of the dust from the cutting of your cross in a glass cross shape vial which can also be worn as a necklace. As a FREE gift to you!

     All of this is together for the low price of $19.95 plus $ 5.95 Shipping & Handling. (North Carolina Residents will also be charged the relevant NC Sales tax for your location).

    Included Is:
  1. The Bleeding Cross (Stone cross).
  2. The Stainless Steel Bale.
  3. The 24” Stainless steel Necklace (you cut to length with clippers).
  4. The Hand Blown, Glass Cross filled with Blood (coolant and dust from cutting your cross).
  5. The reference card (which also has our prayer and the logo of P.U.S.H racing). Viewable in the click map at right.
  6. Your “Lifetime warranty” in writing.
  7. And an additional Sticker of the Bleeding Cross Logo (to put where you want).
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Included with every order . . . Click image for full sized view
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     All of our visitors are invited to come by: “Noblot Jewelers” in Lincolnton, NC, “Lawing Marble” in Iron Station, NC or Sound Trax Technologies in Mosheim, TN and visit with us, see the cross and the blood vials. You can pick up a Bleeding Cross and avoid the shipping fee! God Bless you all!

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